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What We’re Following Today March 16, 2020

Today there are lots of changes in our lives. Coronavirus and it’s impact on us is in full effect with voluntary quarantines in place. We’re beyond the point of questioning if this is Hyped up and we’re resolved to riding out as best we can in order to protect ourselves and others in our society.

My girls are home from daycare, schools are closed, churches are refraining from holding services and more. It’s the first time I have felt this level of angst since 9/11. Yes, it’s a different situation, but looking out the window yesterday I had the same feeling of uncertainty about what’s next. But I was also reminded of how we came together as a country. As we think generationally we look at major life events as elements of “shared” history that help shape a generational identity. This will be one of those things...

I Pray that our nation comes together and that we see acts of humanity that unite us versus divide us similar to those acts that brought us together during other national crises. I need to get back to looking after the girls so my wife can hop on a conference call, but I just leave things like this:

  • I admit to being scared because of the uncertainty of things. I like to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. The Coronavirus will tax us and has the “potential” to be some math and you can see how bad it can be (if 10% of Americans caught it, that would be about 35 million people. If mortality rates held consistent, then that would potentially be 525,000 Americans.

  • so when we talk with hubris about being defiant in the face of this virus, we should realize that there are real consequences to that hubris. If our social distancing and voluntary quarantine can slow this down or reduce its impact, then we should give it a full effort because the value of an individual’s life is priceless - how many lives might be “saved” by some initial sacrifice?

  • that said, this will tax our society in MANY ways and also impact lives. The worst in us can come out when shortages happen or when we see our livelihoods impacted. Let’s pray that if/when these things happen, that we recognize that we work best when we come together. We are only at the beginning, so let’s commit to helping others in need and being flexible across personal relationships, business operations and government services...let’s just make things “work”

  • lastly, I pray that the naysayers are RIGHT and that this is all overreaction. I’ll gladly concede that I worried over nothing of it peters out quickly and we are not tragically impacted. I truly hope this is the case. for those that are battling it out on social media and “wanting to be right” please recognize that none of us know what or who is right at this point-being right takes a second seat to saving lives.

life doesn’t have guarantees. I am happy to live in a country where we do come together and support each other. Thank you to all those working and keeping their doors open who offer essential services - and essential services are SOOO broadly defined in something like this. If you see people working in the public interest, please take a moment to thank them. That includes those in the healthcare industry, pharma industry, police, fire, rescue, government employees, and all those in grocery stores, working on power lines, delivering oil, etc. They are all at risk but still provide us with necessary services to get through this time.

I remain tough, and confident that we’ll be ok. That we’ll get through this united more than divided. But I’m also ok with admitting that it scares me too. You can be tough and scared too, but I take so much comfort and solace in my faith when things are so uncertain. One of the most common things that God will say in the Bible is to not be afraid - have faith. As you read through it, you can see the kinds of suffering that so many have endured only to come out stronger in the long run.

If you are in need of comfort during uncertain times I encourage you to look to reach out to someone. There’s no dishonor in admitting weakness and asking someone to lend an ear.

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