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What We're Following Today March 12, 2020

Have some fun with data. Participate in it and use it to help make career or education choices.


Census surveyors will be out and about asking you to fill out the census or dropping off materials. You can actually log in online and fill out the survey too. This is a “survey” that helps define your community AND helps the government understand how to allocate resources and funding in your community. It helps politicians understand more about their constituents. There are soooooooo many important reasons to take part in the survey, so please take it!

I just finished it in about 10-12 minutes for the 4 people in our household. I took it online and it was pretty painless…

Take it online here:

The Value of YOUR College Degree

Making a decision on what school to attend or major to pursue? This data analysis is 5 years old and built off of census data, BUT it is a good way to look at what income is across different majors. It’s a great way to look at risk / reward on what type of education to pursue.

This by no means is meant to quantify a profession’s worth against the income it produces, but it should be used to help inform the decision on the cost of your education versus the potential income you should expect to generate as a benefit of that education. For example, if you go to Harvard to become a social worker, you should hope that you have financial assistance that won’t result in debt because you would be leaving your school experience with a LOT of debt and very little income to cover that debt. With that knowledge, perhaps you choose a route to less debt (I.e., 2 years in Junior College before transferring to another school, 4 years at a cheaper school, etc.).

It’s an interactive tool to play with the data and compare some of the majors out there.

Looking at Career Choices???

Here’s the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook tool. You can filter down to occupational groups, degree requirements, level of expertise etc. and you can figure out what careers might offer the quickest path to income, growth, etc. It’s a great tool for those in their careers and more importantly for those who may be on the path to starting their careers.

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