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What We're Following Today June 9, 2020

Parenting in a Pandemic

Clemson family researcher Iryna Sharajevska looks at family dynamics while parenting during a pandemic. She brings out some good things to keep in your back pocket while your environment has changed in recent months and could be different in months to come. She calls out that research supports how closely linked family satisfaction overall is tied to family satisfaction during leisure time. For example, if you enjoy each other’s company during normal days, you’ll be more likely to enjoy time with each other when spending leisure time together. It of course makes sense - but as we frequently say, reminders on common sense are always handy to reference - sometimes we overcomplicate things (are we doing “this” or “that” right…and lose sight of the basics - a good knock on the head with a does of common sense is often warranted).

Read this article for some advice on how to make sure your time with family is as pleasant as it can be…I love the share the load item - chores can be a great way of giving kids purpose and reassigning chores can mix things up a bit.

Tech Careers: Inclusive

This is a cool program that popped up on my feed today and is worth sharing. Technology isn’t likely going anywhere barring any sort of divine intervention. So getting training in IT is likely a smart bet for people looking for job security or opening up new job prospects. They have a program at this firm called abilIT. This program is based on allowing people with differing abilities and was started by Melwood,one of the nation’s the largest nonprofit employers of people with different abilities. Oh, and it’s “free”.

I’m sure there are more programs like this in new and emerging careers. If you know of any, please share them with me - I’d love to look it over. Programs like this can help serve so many different purposes, improve the lives of people who may need it by providing new knowledge and facilitating connections, and help all of us by giving us more trained people to rely on for all kinds of roles and responsibilities!

Scouts in UK Connecting With Seniors in UK

Some scouts in the UK have been connecting with seniors in an effort to spread some intergenerational joy. They want to help bridge generation gaps like we do and reach out in efforts to form solidarity with our aging populations. There are a few cool ideas called out in this article - take a look for ideas your kids might want to try.

30 Things I Love About America

#6 - Flexibility in Lawmaking: We can adjust to times and be reflective on what is just or not and then act on it in the US. This flexibility allows us to change laws and enact change in our society OR repeal laws that later show negative impacts. I really am often amazed at how the Constitution has proven so well thought out and visionary. It’s a testament to progressive thinking of the times of our nation’s birth, but they also had the foresight to allow for change! These changes are through amendments, and amendments are NOT easy. Here’s a link to the Truman Library’s page explaining some of what is needed for an amendment to happen.

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