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What We’re Following Today June 3, 2020

A Webinar from Wesley Village - the Search for Senior Housing In Covid Times

Here’s a link to a webinar on June 16 from 2:00 - 3:00 pm. It will help you frame some of the common concerns around evaluating senior living options in a Covid landscape.


- How do we make sense of it all

- What should I be doing now?

- Assess the current situation

- Would Senior Living help the situation?

- How can I help get my loved one ready?

- Getting other family members onboard

- Self-care

Register below

June Is World Elder Abuse Month - Beware of Scammers

If you didn’t know, now you do. June is World

Elder Abuse Month. With that there are programs and content out there to help drive awareness of things relevant to elder abuse. One of those is of course scams.

This article by Maria Ortega in the Sun Sentinel outlines some of the basics including one of the things scammers often target, Social Security. One thing we can all do is report scammers when we are exposed to them. Here’s a quote from the article:

“If you get a Social Security scam phone call, hang up, report it to our law enforcement office at, and tell your family and friends about it!”

Refresh your memory about best practices to avoid scams and report them to law enforcement and people you know. The more aware people are of these issues, the less likely we’ll be to fall victim.

Goodbye to the Work Martyr

This article in the Stamford Advocate that appeared originally in calls out some of the ways top companies are evaluating success of the employee and company. They are showing work life balance focused companies do better and create more loyalty than those that develop a reputation for first in/last out employee attendance recognition.

It talks about rewarding “performance” more than attendance. A seemingly “no duh” insight, but I would be curious to see what companies look like who get the most out of their employees, what they pay versus competitors etc. Ultimately if the companies that perform better, pay better, they may have a nice culture but also hire more elite talent and therefore we might question whether it was environment or employee strength that drives performance. However if the environment attracts better talent that’s a variable to look at too.

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