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What We're Following Today June 24, 2020

Reason #20 I Love the US

The Presumption of Innocence. The Presumption of Innocence is the legal right of the accused to be considered “innocent” until proven guilty. This is something we likely took for granted until recent years when trials through social media, news networks are skipped in favor of judgment that increases viewership, or generates more likes. The presumption of innocence is a treasured right in our society. Does “justice” always prevail? No, but interrupting due process and the right to meet one’s accuser is not acceptable - lest we forget the Salem witch trials when accusation was akin to belief and judgment. I feel blessed to be in a country where I get a chance at a trial and that the burden of proof is on the accuser to “prove” beyond a reasonable doubt that I am guilty. There are many countries that have it MUCH worse than us…

Going through a Divorce? Get Off Social Media

An Austin, TX divorce attorney says to get off social media in the event you are going through a divorce. He says that activity on social media can become evidence against you in a court of law. He also lists out 8 examples of what people do wrong (like harassing, etc.). Outside of that, you can find yourself going down crazy paths that are not good for your mind, heart or soul. When going through the pain of a divorce, social media may be the last place you want to take refuge - especially if what you do can be turned against you and reduce the likelihood for an equitable settlement.

People Magazine 100 Reasons to Love America this Year!

I had to put this in there! Have fun and remember how great our country really is - and let’s come back together around this great country - the fact that we can DISAGREE and still share common ideals and desires is a GOOD thing :) Please, and I pray this now often, help our country heal - one of the great things about our country is that it is diverse and that we traditionally identify a wrong and correct it, and culturally we are not as divided as many would like us to believe. The problem is we focus on the differences rather than the things that unite us…compromise is a GOOD thing…

In fact, I can honestly say I don’t love all these things mentioned in the article, but I love some of them - It might be hard to find someone who loves all 100 as much as the author(s)…is that so bad??? Like I may not like some of the award winning artists work, but I support their right to make their music / art…may not be my thing, but I can disagree with someone and still have love for them. But sometimes it takes a bit more soul searching for me to get there… I hope that all of us (myself included) in this country will return to that ideal …

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