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What We’re Following Today June 2, 2020

My daughter’s 4 years old today and we are thrilled with that little booger :). Happy birthday Maddie.

After yesterday’s rant...let’s lighten it up.

Readers Digest Costco Intel

Kirkland brand products apparently manufacture limited runs of private label branded food and other products in order to protect cost and evaluate demand without too much risk. But if you like something they make you can see if they are getting close to their last production because of an asterisk next to the Kirkland brand. So if you like Kirkland brand stuff like we do, this little insight can help you stock up on something you will miss when it’s gone (ravioli shells??? Mmmm).

Tradeshow Industry Forging Forward

Hooray. A good publication on the future opening of the tradeshow and meeting and events industry. For those of us who understand the seriousness of the health threat but also view human to human contact as a necessary component of society and business, it’s great to see a quick and brief summary of what some organizers and host cities/venues are laying out as plans for meeting the needs of business with the needs of protecting public health. Yay!

Some Great Sites to Get Your Patriotic Feelings Out There

Here’s some good sites to find products and ideas to satisfy your patriotic needs leading up this years 4th of July holiday. We’re hurting right now and I hope we can all come forward to a place where we recognize the truth and privilege we ALL have as Americans looking forward.

Hobby Lobby

Oriental Trading



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