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What We’re Following Today June 15, 2020

Reasons #10, 11, 12 to love the US leading up to July 4, 2020

#10. My Grandparents. I was fortunate to have grandparents on both sides of my family who were loving, patient and caring with all of us kids. They gave us a good example to follow morally and intellectually. They grew up in a different time and lived through hardship and prosperity. They are often referred to as the greatest generation and with good reason.

# 11. My mom. In many countries a single mom might not have the opportunity to succeed on their own. Sometimes we might forget that as we take the freedoms we have for granted. She went back to school, worked hard and did her best to raise my brother and I. My father helped but the lions share of the parenting was on her. She was able to stabilize our lives and get us on a path that had us with shelter, food and a sense of responsibility and accountability for our actions. I look at it in amazement today, but at the time I know my brother and I didn’t look at it that way. Perhaps not “unique” to America, but in many other countries the stigma about and the rights of single mom are not always guaranteed.

#12 our military. We all wish that the world was a more peaceful place and that we didn’t need a military. But unfortunately it’s not so peaceful and our military stands at the ready with the technology and personnel to help secure our nation and our safety. Do we “always” employ the use of our military appropriately? I won’t get mired in the politics of that question because I don’t sit in the offices nor have access to “any” of the information relevant to those decisions. But we can’t deny that our military strength helps secure our country so that we can voice our opinions and enjoy the freedoms that it provides.

Dementia and Inappropriate Behavior or Foul Language

Sometimes dementia can lead to interesting behaviors other than forgetfulness. This article talks about that, how it can be very awkward and about how you might be able to deal with it (ignore it, deflect it, or confront it etc.)

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