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What We’re Following Today June 12, 2020

Reason #9 Why I Love America

History of heroes and patriots: heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes vilified in their times and other times universally celebrated, but I always found some of the characters in our history to be fascinating. Here’s a link to a site that has some of the heroes of the US highlighted. I wasn’t familiar with all the names but appreciated getting to know everyone a little better. Heres one example of Nathaniel Hale: “Nathan Hale(1755-1776)– Soldier for the Continental Army during theAmerican Revolutionary War, he is known as America’s first spy. He is best remembered for his speech before being hanged following the Battle of Long Island, in which he said, “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.””. As we get closer to Independence Day, can we take a moment to consider THIS Sentiment.

Fun Games For the Family or Multigeneration Activities.

Many know Oriental Trading. It’s a great company to order crafty things from and has a lot of great resources for those dealing with Sunday School (having kids in it or teachers who are looking for craft ideas to hit home a lesson). But they also have a ton of awesome other items Including summer games. But even if the low prices are still too high, the things they sell can often be made on your own. I look forward to bringing some of these games in house for some future Intergenerational activities we can do when live in person events become more acceptable in the future. Here’s a link to some ring toss games :)

Link to Repetitive Negative Thinking and Dementia Identified?

Could it be that being more negative could lead to dementia? As with other new studies, be cautious in making the direct conclusion that this IS the case. But they will likely do more studies. If it comes back as valid it could mean identifying some risk factors in our lifestyle that aren’t just physical (ie Diet and exercise) but also psychological.

Of course negative repetitive thinking leads to other problems like depression and anxiety, but helping people recognize the negative impact of a lifetime of worry might help people seek the help they need to overcome fear (psychologists, family, friends or even religion like Psalm 23:4).

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