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What We're Following Today June 11, 2020

Newsletter for Caregivers of Vets

Here’s a place where you can sign up for a newsletter on Vet resources here in the US for caregivers. It’s located on the blog of the VA.

Older Americans Contend with Risks of Returning to Work

This blog post on LinkedIn calls out some of the opinions of many individuals who are personally weighing the idea of returning to work or have loved ones weighing the need to return to work. For many who work for retailers, the decision can be tough as not all retail customers may abide by social distancing / or some employers may not follow as strict an interpretation as the employee.

This is a tough and relatively unprecedented question and the answer likely has to come back to personal choice in order to keep things as simple as possible. There should also be options for people to continue to collect unemployment if they feel they are at risk or still worried to a point where they don’t want to return. However, it would also be VERY tough for an employer to cater to all employees’ emotional concerns, especially if they are an employer who employs thousands and serve millions of customers.

Real life stories like those in this post help add the personal element of what we are all dealing with, but we shouldn’t lose sight of our personal choice and liberty when evaluating what is “right” for us and for others. In the US we can be thankful that we can’t be prosecuted if we choose not to go to work, but yes we could be fired and/or no have income coming in - which opens our eyes to other career opportunities that might fit our requirements. But it’s hard to lay that responsibility on the employer who might also be weighing risk / reward benefits of staying open / downsizing, etc.

30 Things I Love About the US Leading Up to July 4

#8, Diversity of Culture - Geographically. We discussed this a bit before, but I wanted to take the “travel” side of this. In the US we can visit different regions and find extremely unique cultures in those regions. Essentially we can travel to different “countries” with whom we share language and other central or core ideas. I LOVE traveling IN the US. International is fun too, but I LOVE when I can go down south to a place like New Orleans, meet “Americans” with a unique voice, accent, cuisine, cultural practices, etc. AND be able to interact with them fully without true language barriers.

I have traveled so many places and said “I could live here” within the US - but actually MEAN it. I have said that about some international places, but if you really push the thought, you can quickly come out and say how unrealistic that would be - learn a new language, accept cultural norms “as is” and not be influenced by American expectations (I.e., pace of life, etc.).

Just a few of my favorite places - San Antonio, Russian River Valley in CA, Connecticut (of course - but perhaps places like Mystic or Kent), Lincoln, IL, Cody, WY, and more.

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