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What We're Following Today June 10, 2020

Asked and Answered

Three little words to stop toddler "nagging". Maybe don't try it with your wife or husband...gulp, but it apparently is a good resource for rearing your children who incessantly ask you the same question over and over again. We'll see if it works in our house - hopefully, because our oldest seems to want to make sure that the household functions the way it is supposed to - Mommy, are you going in your big bed now? Downstairs to wash the dishes? and then proceed to ask these questions 20 times...

It makes sense - make them aware that you don't need to answer something more than once and then use those three simple words after "Asked and Answered.

30 Things I Love About America

#7, American Ingenuity: Americans have an entrepreneurial spirit. That's not to say that other cultures don't, but I can still be proud that we have produced a lot of ideas and innovations that have made our country and world a little better. Here's a list of 50 great inventions that originated in America.

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