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What We're Following Today July 20, 2020

Show and Tell Series

We started a show and tell video series that we plan to run for the next couple of months where we try to talk with people about objects, things, stories in their homes or families that they care about AND why those things are important to them. It's informal and we are looking for volunteers - I'm sure there is something in your home that you would like your family or friends to know about - and the fun part is, that when we talk about these things and learn a little more about each other.

This example is Marsha Cohen - a friend from church who is a wonderful soul. An animal lover and "friend" to others. As she said in the video, "To have a friend you have to be a friend." And that's part of what makes her tick and why she chose to highlight a picture that her friend gave her after a dog sitting engagement. I learned a few things about Marsha that I didn't know, AND I learned that Mitzvah is another way to say do a good deed - therefore we called this first show and tell interview, More Mitzvahs Please...

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