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What We're Following Today July 11, 2020

Divorce Affects Celebrities Like Us Normals

Sad to see some recent news headlines about celebrity divorces. Mary Kate Olsen (former Full House star and current fashion industry exec) was seen in public for the first time since filing for her divorce from husband of five years with Olivier Sarkozy.

And Darius Rucker, one of my favorite country singers (and formerly 90’s iconic lead vocalist for Hootie and the Blowfish) also just announced that he and his wife are splitting after 20 years. They will focus on their kids, but realized they were no longer going to be able to stay together.

Divorce amidst the pandemic has been a concern since the outset with people being cooped up together as we all sheltered in place. This news story out of Washington State, says that a local mattress retailer is seeing that as many as one in four of her customers are looking for beds because they are going through a break up or problems in the home. Professionals who handle divorce filings are also inundated.

It’s a tragic effect that being confined together can have this impact. In some cases it has been great for families like mine to be together and really appreciate the time we have, but our current situation may make us better equipped to handle it (I have more time as a consultant and part time REALTOR) to be with our young girls and my wife on maternity leave in all this has made it more manageable to balance life in the middle of the pandemic. But for others, it can exacerbate the differences or conflicts in the relationship and drive wedges.

Divorce is awful on so many levels. Sometimes it is needed, but it truly is one of the worst experiences to go through even IF its amicable. It can set people back financially, emotionally and relationally - so far back that it can literally take years or generations to finally heal. I have heard some financial advisors joke (but seriously) that the best thing you can do for your retirement is to invest in your marriage and never get divorced.

I pray that if the couples have any chance of reconciliation that they find a way to exploit that chance and if they can’t, that they realize that the divorce process shouldn’t be vindictive. And may those of us who are married or plan to get married all realize just what kind of a commitment we are making - good times or bad times.

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