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What We’re Following Today July 1, 2020

Reason #26 I Love the US Leading Up to the 4th of July

Choices. One of the great things we have here in the US is the abundance of “choice”. Think about it - in some cases we likely have too much choice - who needs 1,000 types of cereal? But our system affords businesses and people the ability to create new products, fill voids, etc. not just in product but also in careers, mobility, geography and more. There really aren’t too many restrictions to keep us from pursuing our dreams. That doesn’t mean you just wish and it happens and it doesn’t mean that everyone comes from the same background or advantages but it does mean that with perseverance and fortitude one can really carve out a nice niche for oneself.

Other countries do offer this too, and it isn’t exclusive to the US. But there are many more places in the world where opportunity is much harder to come by. We take it for granted here in the US. And it’s one of the main reasons that we are such a destination for many others looking for the dream who come from other countries. Right now we seem to be focused on the limitations but we are neglecting that the limitations are far outweighed by the opportunities.

Pandemic fear: Ensure patients with chronic disease receive care

The American Medical Association has released this information on their site regarding those patients with chronic ailments and their fears and approaches regarding Covid 19. Getting chronic diseases under control will help anyone battle a possible COVID-19 battle.

That said, it will also help on so many other fronts. Best way to battle is exercise and diet and then good medical care.

Technology also helps with video doctors visits. The video “visit” is interesting. Almost reminds me of the little house on the prairie episodes where the doctor went to peoples homes to care for the sick. Perhaps technology will allow that to happen a bit.

Why Retirement Is A Bad Idea - Financially and Psychologically

Sometimes the best retirement plan may be not to retire. Sure there is the desire to rest and enjoy some time with ourselves and our loved ones. But there are many reasons that retirement may not be the optimal scenario for everyone.

You may NEED income to survive, so don’t retire just to retire and think you can make it work. If you have the option to keep working past 65, you’ll be earning a decent income and still be productive. Once you retire, it may be more difficult to re-enter the workforce.

Meaning and purpose are sometimes compromised when we retire. If we don’t fill that time with something meaningful we can quickly see ourselves deteriorate. If you do retire it might be a good idea to start volunteering somewhere and join a couple of groups to help keep your time occupied and to give more meaning and purpose.

There’s plenty more reasons to evaluate retirement. Have a look at this nice piece on to get some guidance.

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