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What We’re Following Today January 7, 2020

New Laws that Impact Your Savings Options

This newsletter post from a Rhode Island estate lawyer calls out some of the major changes in estate / retirement savings options based on the passing of the SECURE Act recently signed into effect by the Trump administration.

There are some technical details including the removal of Stretch IRAs that warrant a look through. It’s not my strength so please take a look at what some of these changes are and how they may impact your estate planning and retirement planning.

Ghost Dads Not Deadbeat Dads

A friend posted this article on Facebook and it fits in with some activities we are planning with Generation Bridge. Men are often portrayed as simple, but most of us know how complex we are (just as complex as women). We, like women are filled with past experiences, innate tendencies and learned behaviors that make us individual.

Some men process divorce and separation from children differently, but most of us can agree that children are “generally” better when they are parentes by both parents.

Let’s exclude parents who are abusive from the conversation but recognize that men and women will approach a divorce or separation from a very different perspective emotionally. This article is a helpful look and some of the mindset aspects of males who may remove themselves almost entirely from the parenting equation. If we understand it more, we might make changes to help make it more possible for the kids to get the chance to experience their fathers more in their lives.

Clever Human Ingenuity

This video is just a fun little video to watch and see how humans have created simple tools to help make their jobs or lives easier. Sometimes we get into a mindset that things need to be done a certain way in order to make a process more efficient or in order to produce something faster. Here in the US this is often considered the space of automation and technology, but if we approach something from a different point of view we may be able to find low cost and practical solutions to help make our lives easier. When we consider that we can only get more production by investing in the latest machine, consider how these individuals have used ancient or modern innovations to approach their businesses.

You know someone you could ask for advice about the ways things were done in the past? Ask a parent, grandparent or historian. Their answer may trigger a new idea or may help you approach a problem from a new perspective based on real world experience and performance.

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