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What We're Following Today January 17, 2020

Betty White Turns 98 Today

Betty white is just awesome and today she is 98 years old…what does that mean? Well it means she’s see an awful lot and experienced an awful lot. Nuff said.

MSN made a nice little slide show (link below).

Here are some great quotes she has said over the years:

Speaker Series at Catholic University to Help Students Navigate a Professional Life Post School

Christendom College is presenting its students with a new seminar series starring successful alumni in their Outside the Box and Life on Tap speaker series.

It’s important to learn from others when taking your first steps into the professional world. Many students coming out of college have been successful in managing coursework and their own political landscape in school, but if they are like me, they are not really prepared for the harsh reality that grades are not the only deciding factor when looking for job candidates. Relationships are still king, and the more we hear about the stories of those who have gone before, the more we can get insights about what we need to do in order to give ourselves the best chance at finding a job, and the best chance of finding the “right” job.

There are new politics that exist in any company. Whenever you shift jobs or careers you need to relearn the politics and culture of the company you are recruited to. But if you can skip some learning and apply for companies that are looking for someone “like” you, then you might find that your adjustment is faster and your work is more fulfilling.

Touching Tribute by the Rock for His Father Who Recently Passed

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who has become one of my favorite actors for his willingness to poke fun at himself and put put a touching instagram memorial to his father Rocky “Soulman” Johnson who passed at 75 years of age.

One thing that resonates is the idea of wishing you had one more time to say, “I love you.” It’s an important thing to consider. Based on what he said, it is doubtful that his father didn’t know and it is apparent that they had their share of reconciling and shared wisdom about each other that helped them to keep a strong father and son relationship, but the idea of wanting to say “I love you” one more time is important.

Never let anything get in the way of you telling someone you love them. With today’s communication technology, we can do it in a heartbeat. If the urge comes across, just say it - call, text, email, drive over, etc. Life is short and can end unexpectedly. If you love someone, take a moment and let them know :)

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