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What We’re Following Today February 6, 2020

Another Personal Example of Someone In the Sandwich Generation

Generation Bridge stands to help people share their experiences in order for others to learn - learn from experience to reduce chance for repetition.

Here’s a man sharing his story in the KRQE website out of New Mexico. It’s a good story to recognize that you are not alone and many others are dealing with similar situations. They deal with the challenges of fading loved ones, dividing time among young children and aging parents, etc.

If you’re dealing with the stresses of being sandwiched, this is worth a quick read. Perhaps you’ll be able to relate. And if you’re willing to share your story please do so - your wisdom is worth passing on.

Financial Literacy a Requirement

A North Carolina Bill has made financial literacy a mandatory requirement to graduate high school. This bodes well as financial literacy has been recognized as a growing problem among younger Americans. What is financial literacy? Here’s the definition, “the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage one’s financial resources effectively for lifetime financial security.”

This is mandated on the heels of a study that found that only 48% of students passed a 30 question test on simple financial basics like budgeting. It’s not my strong suit either, so I believe it.

It looks like there is lots of work to do but lots of promise with the new programs and classes being tested. They are suggesting that classes like this will have even more value if taken in the senior year before graduation allowing for slightly higher chances of retention in real life.

7 Health and Wellness Tips for Winter

Indoor air quality

Wash your hands

Get your flu shot

Eat healthy

Stay hydrated

Stay active

See your doctor

See more details by clicking on the link below.

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