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What We’re Following Today February 21, 2020

Intergenerational Activities Benefit All Involved

Getting together across generations reinforces one of the key elements that humans need to survive and thrive, relationships.

This article cites some examples and studies that have proven this out. As you read through you’ll see how youth benefit from the interest of their elders and elders benefit from the new and greater connections that help provide meaning and purpose in life.

Alzheimer’s and Intergenerational Choir

Back in 2012 a project was started to connect early stage Alzheimer’s patients with students and others to create an Intergenerational choir that uses music to help connect people. Long recognized as one of the ways to help dementia patients reconnect with their past, music is being used to help study long term and short term memories and connect people from different life stages together around a common interest.

Even the conductor was someone diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and he clearly calls out the importance music for him personally. I’d love to know if there are any groups like this out there now?

See the video below.

For more info on the program in Canada, look here:

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