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What We're Following Today February 18, 2020

Dying At Home? Maybe Reasons That’s Not A Great Idea

This op-ed in the LA Times was promoted by a member of the Sandwich Generation group on Facebook. It’s a series of illustrations that depict some of the very real emotions of caregiving, particularly at the end of life stage. Nathan Gray, the creator of these illustrations is also a professional teaching about palliative healthcare at the Duke University School of Medicine. They are powerful and can help frame a conversation in a little less “medical” a format.

Oh Crap, Taller Men May Be Less Likely to Develop Dementia

OK - I don’t put much faith in some of these articles, but as a shorter guy, this made me laugh and also start to worry a little. Although, I think I am average in height…so maybe I’m OK??? And I have seen other studies that have called out that shorter people live longer than taller people on average…so could that be a factor too - tall people don’t live as long and therefore don’t develop dementia? (here’s an article from 2013 -

This study though was based on a LARGE sample, so while they think environmental factors likely are VERY closely linked to dementia too, it will be interesting to see how they chase this down further. Shorter people like me are VERY interested in this ;)

Senior Helpers Seeks Caregiver Advantage with New Training Centers

As more caregiver companies are created / franchised / launched, there will be some interesting ways for companies to differentiate themselves and attract better talent. Some like the Senior Helpers organization that is highlighted in this article in Home Health Care News are creating new training centers to make sure they are keeping their staff up to speed on the latest care techniques and strategies for in-home caregiving.

As agencies compete for resources and talent, those that offer more training will run some risk of losing more trained people to other agencies, but they also are more likely to retain top talent if the talent receive some perks / training that others don’t offer.

Senior Helpers is a home care franchiser backed by Altaris Capital. It has more than 320 locations in its franchise network, spanning 43 states and three different countries.

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