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What We're Following Today December 9, 2019

Today I just want to focus on the coming season of Christmas as we look to celebrate the ideals that are the best in us versus what we often confuse with the capitalistic ideals of the holiday.

I did a search online to get inspired to find small acts of kindness that we can all do as we work and play within the holiday season. Before we get embroiled in our tasks and schedules, are there any things we can do today, tomorrow, and so on that could make a difference in someone else’s life and by proxy, in our life too?

I found this one article on that mentions 13 random acts of kindness that could make for a better world. I have to admit, the internet is rife with content dealing with this topic, which gives me pause; how easy it is to find the inspirations, but how hard it is for us to practice it.

Generation Bridge wants to break down stereotypes and connect at more meaningful individual levels. Each of these items is one way for a person to connect with someone, even if just for a short period of time! I hope you enjoy this list as much as I, and I hope we can all start to put lists like this into action.

Emailing a random stranger as a response to a blind mailer resonated with me. I will respond back to one today and express that while there is no future sale in me, that I will wish them continued success and perseverance. Perhaps it will fall on deaf ears, but perhaps it might make someone feel just a little better today.

Some other sites with ideas:

And there are SOOOOOOOOO Many more

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