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What We're Following Today December 4, 2019

Raising Your Dementia IQ

Looking for a bit of a crash course on dementia? There are lots of misconceptions and lots of lost truths out there in the world, and this article in the Toledo Blade talks through some of the gaps in perceptions and knowledge about dementia and our chances of developing it.

As with other articles it is also quick to point out there there are no treatments yet for dementia (including Alzheimer’s and other varieties). There are lots of studies, but the biggest influences in prevention continue to be healthier living (physical activity, brain activity, and healthier eating).

But what was interesting here is that there are perceptual gaps in economic and racial groups about their overall chances to one day develop a form of dementia. Poorer and lower health individuals are less likely to consider themselves at risk versus their counterparts, but are actually at a higher risk.

Intergenerational Senior Center and Settings In Buffalo

The trend seems to be increasing where nursing facilities are attaching child care / day care programs alongside their current operations. The latest in Buffalo is GreenFields Continuing Care Community Lancaster. According to one source it is now open, but I wasn’t able to read the full article without a subscription [seriously, why do publications do that? Don’t you want people browsing your site at random?]

So I found an article from January that talked about the “plans” to open the day care. What I found interesting in this article was that it didn’t talk as much about the interaction of kids and seniors (although that’s an obvious benefit), but it talked about it being a benefit to help attract quality workers. And that it would contribute to a greater community feeling between those who live in the facility, those who work there, and the surrounding community. “It takes a village.”

20 Top CyberSecurity Programs

Sure, this may be yet another profession that AI might take over in 20 years, but in the meantime, if you have a kid going into high school and/or college, cyber security is a burgeoning field. It’s well passed the initial phases of emergence, and well into growth as more and more companies adopt technology strategies to cater to current customer needs.

But with that intense competition there comes some opportunity for risk (i.e., data not protected as securely, open portals left open when launching updates too quickly, etc.). Most of us look at technology with a love / hate relationship - ever increasing dependence, but also ever increasing learning and convenience that we get. Even smaller retailers and local businesses have to open themselves up to technology to compete in their environments and with other pure digital offerings. So they bring in apps and companies to help provide services to their customers, but how secure is the data? How secure is the back door into their business or personal lives? These are the questions we will need to answer MORE and MORE in the coming decades.

More and more of our devices are connected to the internet, and there have been articles about the holes in the security of wifi enabled TV’s, streaming boxes, etc. Needless to say, there is a LOT of risk out there. So that creates an opportunity in the job space - at least for the time being. This article calls out 20 of the best cybersecurity training programs out there. They range from general information for people to stay informed to more advanced programs on malware, veteran programs, or cloud protection.

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