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What We’re Following Today December 23, 2019

I’ll likely take some time off this week from looking through articles and finding info out there. I’m fortunately able to be spending time with family during the holidays and I’m really looking forward to thinking through the season and the year to come from a perspective of more gratitude and greater activity in the community.

A year in reflection helps me see how much has changed in the last year and how much more it will continue to change in the future. Our personal lives have so many twists and turns as do our professional lives. Our priorities continue to shift around and we continue to evolve in many ways - hopefully for the better, but it often requires time before we know for sure.

My life is wonderful and I try to thank God for that every chance I get. Even the challenges that get thrown in front of us often lead to wonderful changes we make as humans trying to strive to be better. Before coming to the UMC Monfor family I always thought of myself as spiritual, but as we started to commit to a process of going to church weekly and then as I started to search for more and more meaning within the Bible I have found great fulfillment and meaning that was not there when I was “spiritual”.

There is a lot of wisdom to be attained and I am grateful to be on my faith path. It has helped me in many ways including getting more active in my community, working at being the best man I can be for myself and my family, and helping me understand more about the why’s behind so many things that happen in this world. Being open to the possibility of faith has added clarity and direction in my life and I celebrate that at this time of year when we are in the midst of a season that symbolizes the best in humanity but has often been corrupted by some of the emotions we can experience around envy, greed and more. There is a clear yin and yang to this season but hopefully we and I can focus on more of the good things that are a part of it.

My wife and my kids make me so happy and being able to spend time with them in a place where we can focus on each other is wonderful. Whatever your faith journey and whatever you celebrate, it’s important that we take the time to value one another with a meaningful look in the eyes, a genuine smile, and perhaps a kind word or two. As humans who strive to bridge gaps between others at Generation Bridge, it all starts with mutual respect and a love for one another that can break down stereotypes and connect us closer to one another. Life is better because of the people in our lives - connection to other humans is essential to our well being. In my belief system, the best one of us died to teach us that - so let’s celebrate that birth and that sacrifice as we get closer and closer to Christmas. Merry Christmas!

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