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What We’re Following Today December 20, 2019

Ways to Financially Survive Being Stranded In the Airport for Travelers

A nice article in the Penny Hoarder as we ramp up for holiday travel and look at our holiday spending budgets. They have compiled a nice list of tips to help those who might get stuck in an airport for part of their trip(s) this holiday season. Most of us know that the cost for common things like water bottles and/or snacks like Chex mix can speak to our impulsive natures but at checkout we look at the cash register and see $10-15 in shock.

So they give you some meaningful tips to survive in shorter or longer delays. There were a couple of gems including a link to sleeping in airports to help find the best places to crash. Plus they offered some great advice for long delays that might seem counterintuitive but that actually make sense based on experience. For example, spend the $50 for access to the airport lounge (I.e., American Express lounge) because rather than being saddled up an at expensive airport bar, you’ll have access to comfortable seating, snacks and even beverages for the entire day - my wife and I were lucky we had access when stuck in Brazil for 12 hours...

Co Parenting This Holiday Season?

Here’s an article with some tips for families where the parents are separated or divorced and they are trying to celebrate the holidays with their children. This short piece gave a couple of tips - stipulate holiday visitation schedules in the divorce agreement and for co-parents to talk with each other about the gifts they are getting the children.

This article in Its Over Easy also has similar advice along with a couple of more specific ways to keep the stress minimized over the holidays.

Keeping Your Pets Warm in Cold Weather

I generally look for human conditions and life stage challenges to inform but today I saw this article that reminded me that we have dogs and animals that are sometimes neglected out in the cold. Here’s an article with some basic tips on keeping your pets warm.

Much of this is basic, but getting refreshers about the basics are helpful. Things like recognizing the signs of being “cold” and adjusting behaviors like shorter walks or clearing out ice from paw fur, etc. are all things we should be considering, especially on days well below freezing.

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