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What We're Following Today December 2, 2019

Maintaining Your Balance In Our Elder Years is Important

Here’s a video from Phyllis Ayman who presented at our event in September about why maintaining balance is important in our old age. She talked with different people who call out different ways to do movements and training that can improve balance.

From Ballroom dancing to Martial Arts, there are lots of things that you can do that can challenge you physically but also keep you on your feet…Outside of that, there are benefits to self esteem, productivity and general health. Being active and continuing to “move” is vitally important to our health as we age.

Repairing Broken Relationships

Coming off the Thanksgiving holiday, I realize that I often take for granted that I come from a fairly stable family with parents and other family members who I care for deeply and who care for me deeply. But many others are not as fortunate. There are some relationships between parents and children in particular that have grown strained or broken over time and therefore family get togethers around the holidays can be lonely or stressful for many people out there.

Of course not all issues are created equal, but I found this blog from Nicole Schwarz, a parent coach who talked through some of the ways one might want to mend a relationship with a son or daughter. The 7 tips provided in it, are relevant and valuable. One thing I can say, is don’t let pride get in the way of establishing a better relationship with your parent, offspring, or anyone else you love.

Forgiveness is the best gift you can give to others AND yourself. If you miss the relationship you once had with someone, then reach out, and make the effort - life here on earth is short lived. The best things we get from life are the relationships we have with people we really care about.

I wish I had more time with my father, but I am so happy for having a couple of years where our relationship was strengthened before he died. How much did I miss? How much did he miss? Tough to say, but when we both acknowledged our own parts in the strain, we were able to move on and start getting back to the important stuff.

Want to Find Ways to Help People in Need This Holiday Season?

I have been thinking about different ways to bring about a holiday spirit as a family. I searched out some ways to celebrate the holidays as a family and came across this list on US News. There are plenty of little things that we can do that are vastly more personal than simply making a donation (although - make no mistake, that is extremely valuable too). But if you want your kids to get jazzed about something they can do to help make someone’s day better.

I really like the idea of baking casseroles and potentially freezing them. Or potentially getting good cuts of meat when on sale and freezing them and having them ready for when someone we know might need something that could save them the time of cooking OR save them the time of having to go to the store for something special…Also, the stockings for homeless people seems like a great little item that one could give to someone in need when you pass them and are things that could be stored in your backpack as you walk in on your way to work. Not only could you have some necessities that are valuable to an individual, but if you could afford it, you might also be able to put in a $5.00 bill or something that might get someone a night in a shelter.

Again, there are lots of great things, but as a family if we make it a priority to provide even a little benefit to others in the world, perhaps we’ll be instilling a little of the holiday spirit in our kids that can last “past” the holidays and become a natural behavior that happens for a lifetime.

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A study that discussing lowering cholesterol and blood pressure through diet may help reduced risk of Alzheimer’s even if you have the APOE4 gene from both parents! Very interesting!


Thirty five meaningful gifts to give. You will love this list!!!


Another piece of evidence on the importance of a healthy diet and exercise! New to me: prebiotics, which fuel the beneficial bacteria in your body. Prebiotics are found in fiber-rich foods, like oatmeal, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. If you’re eating a well-balanced diet, chances are you’re already getting a good amount of prebiotics. Read more here:


People in Need - My Daughter carries in her car glove box a small collection of "CARE PACKAGES" .. She took sandwich baggies and filled them with misc. things from home such as: mini-toothpaste/mouthwash, bandaid or two, a tampon, small wipee pack, mini-shampoos/soaps, mini-snickers, mini-tissue pack and a couple $. She handed them out when she had the opportunity, seeing people in need on the edges of parking lots or entrance/exit ramps.

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