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What We're Following Today December 11, 2019

Some Senior Men Gift Ideas had a list of cool items that might be appropriate gift ideas for that special man in your family. They are senior focused, but in all honesty, its just a good list of ideas with some unique options that are worth looking over. I’m a sucker for bird watching, so putting a bird feeder that attaches to a window is an AWESOME gift for someone like me. I had one before in an apartment and I used to love having a cup of coffee and watching my little buddies come up and eat in front of me.

The title of the article is a bit misleading as they say 8 great gift ideas, but its really 8 great “categories” as they have multiple ideas in each category. Under entertainment they have the window feeder option but also have a color forecast station for the weather enthusiast in your family. What I also really liked about this list was that most things were less than $50 and some things were less than $10. It’s another reason I like Daily Caring’s daily download; they understand that people reading these emails may very well be on fixed incomes and/or have limited discretionary spending options- They GET it.

Helping Kids Who Are Immature

Child Mind Institute is another resource I have called out in the past for parents looking to understand the mind of adolescents a bit more. I still think I might be a bit immature since I can’t help but guffaw at farts…I mean really, I will laugh almost ANY time that it happens. I’m beginning to think its engrained in my DNA.

But this immaturity is a little different. I’m going to just copy and paste some of their info in here because its easy enough to digest in the article, but for solutions or tips on how to deal with it I would encourage you to read Rae Jacobson’s piece by clicking on the link below.

Younger Kids Signs of Immaturity:

  • Needing a little extra attention or help to do things her peers will do independently

  • Being less physically coordinated than other children her age

  • Becoming easily upset or overwhelmed or having trouble calming herself down when things don’t go her way

  • Struggling to adapt to new concepts in school

  • Being physically smaller or less developed than other kids her age

  • Hanging back or avoiding activities that are new or challenging

Older Kids Signs of Immaturity:

  • Age-inappropriate interests, for example a preteen who’s still watching Paw Patrol

  • Social awkwardness, discomfort with new social relationships like dating, or unsupervised group hang outs

  • Rigidity or unwillingness to try new things

  • Being “grossed out” by conversations about sex and sexuality

  • Being less physically developed than his peers

  • Difficulty adapting to new academic challenges

I don’t want to use this as a way to get too paranoid about a kid’s behavior - they’re kids and they are immature. But there are some interesting things to think about and some approaches to help a kid move onto new milestones without forcibly making them comply with social norms. I still have my baby blanket and I think I slept with it until I was 11 or 12 or something - I just liked it. Maybe I was holding onto some form of childhood, but it didn’t impact me and my mom didn’t see a need to take it away at any point. Eventually it just got placed in the dresser, but I still have it today. Maybe the next article they should write will be signs you might be a hoarder…”

5 Reasons NOT to Use the Phrase OK Boomer

Some of my friends know how much the popularity of this phrase in today’s media and lexicon gets under my skin. I am so hopeful it will be dead soon - so why give it attention? Good Question…

Either way though, I think it is important to expose people to why Generational Labeling can only lead to bad places. It places EVERYONE into a category to which NO ONE fits 100%. But this article from Anna O’Dea at least addresses a few reasons by you shouldn’t use the phrase…

Essentially - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…if you want to carry on an ageist attitude, don’t be surprised when it is reciprocated by elders OR by younger people as you age and become the “older” generation. It’s not helpful and serves no purpose other than to create an emotional response and place yourself in a perceived state of superiority. The issue is that perceived states of superiority are short lived and usually end up revealing character shortfalls - the real state of superiority - Matthew 5:44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you…46 If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? 

Take the high ground - read the article below :)

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