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What We’re Following Today December 10, 2019

Today I just want to reshare a site I have shared in the past when looking to hear something good in the news. There is so much good in the world and so many things to be thankful for that we sometimes forget that we have to look for it when what sells in the news is what is wrong, what divides us and what polarizes us.

While important to recognize what needs changing, when we focus exclusively on it, it can have an impact on our souls. Life is a blessing and let’s take some time to hear “good news”.

The Good News Network has great stories updated daily that can do just this! Here’s a few on their website today:

Want to see a delivery man find joy when a homeowner left some goodies out during the holidays? His reaction is awesome!

Givepower is a nonprofit delivering clean water and energy in places that need it including this Kenyan town thanks to a solar powered desalination plant. Some in the US also need access to clean water, but for most of us, water is something we take for granted. We should be thankful for our access to water and also be thankful that there are organizations out there looking to deliver necessities to those in need.

Want to see some young people willing to do what was needed to save others’ lives? Four teens helped save two struggling surfers who were at risk for drowning. They had been through a teen life guarding course and their skills came in handy. Our world is in good hands :)

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