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What We're Following Today August 6, 2019

Olivia Newton John Battling Cancer Again with Unique Perspective

This is a nice story about a scary subject. Olivia Newton John has been diagnosed with cancer a 3rd time. She has successfully beaten it on 2 other occasions but this time around she has decided to take a route that doesn’t consider ‘predictions’ etc. along lifelines. She has a healthy perspective that come from experience and her own journey. I really appreciate that she states that none of us know when or where death will happen, and as such, that we need to take moments to appreciate the journey.

There is also a sweet video of Hugh Jackman and a crowd sending her support. While she benefits from having such a large group of people and fans out there who care about her well being, on smaller scales it’s important that we all have our own group of people to lean on. If you have some time today, tomorrow, next week, etc., take a moment and offer to be that support for someone who might need it.

Staying Socially Engaged Reduces the Odds of Dementia

It seems obvious, but this article by Steven Reinberg of the HealthDay News calls out a study that notes people in their 60’s who interacted with friends nearly every day had a 12 percent lower risk of developing dementia versus comparable people who interacted less frequently with friends.

Again, with all studies like this, we need to remember that this could be cause and effect, but most likely is not. There are likely other factors that apply when considering community and familiar interactions that can also contribute (i.e., social status, access to healthcare, etc.). But there are lots of studies that do note how important a sense of community is to staying “brain healthy”. Just remember, when you interact with others you don’t “control” all the interactions. This means you have to think on your feet to interact and react. Additionally, there is joy to be found when surrounded by people we love and respect; around others we are constantly challenging ourselves, perceptions and ideals. When we isolate ourselves, we continue down comfortable paths.

Getting uncomfortable should be part of your wellness plan ;)

Buying a Home “As Is”

When you are buying a home, either for the first time, or an investment etc., there are many things to consider. If you’re like me, you bought your first home on emotion. All sorts of things come into your head like, “the market is heating up, lock in savings now,” or “I can see being here for 5 years and moving up to the next house,” or “this is the perfect place, there will never be another like it, I MUST have it.” All of these are OK, but you do have to remember when you are thinking logically versus emotionally.

One common issue around that is buying a property “as is.” It’s a term that should raise red flags; often associated with big fixer uppers and foreclosure properties. The good news, they are usually priced to sell. The bad news, if you want this property but do have budget restrictions, you really need to evaluate the risk reward benefits. If there are things that are obviously wrong (leaks, etc.), there are likely other things that aren’t so obvious that will add expense (think pest damage when you open the walls, mold, other environmental issues, etc.). If you are betting that the economy will continue to improve in the short term, remember that this is a “bet” and not a guarantee, so you could be stuck with the property for a while. This article talks about how the Property Brothers address this with their clients by having some reserve budget set aside for “unforeseen” issues. Spend the extra money on a thorough inspection and know what you’re getting into. “As is” properties can be GREAT, but you need to know the risks associated.

Couples Getting on the Same Page Financially BEFORE Major

Frank Cannon a Senior Vice President at Wealth Management, UBS talks with WBAL 11 NBC about helpful things to think about before getting married so you hit the ground running as a couple. Finances are one of the biggest stressors in life, and if you address them as a team, things can be much easier. But if you don’t openly come up with a plan, then you run the risk of letting finances become a topic that can drive a wedge in between you.

There are some good tips in here and the video is a short intro into the concept. Ultimately, getting with an advisor early on and running through a goal setting process could be very beneficial for the future of your marriage OR friends and family who are getting married in the future.

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