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What We’re Following Today August 31, 2020

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Divorce - who gets the house.

Here’s a helpful piece in The NY Times. It talks about what to do when a house is owned jointly in the event of a divorce. Basically you have to come to a decision on how to divvy up the proceeds of the sale or how to buy out your partner. If you can talk civilly, it’s one of the biggest ticket items that needs to be addressed when breaking apart emotionally and financially.

Developing intergenerational videogames

Personally. Chess and checkers could be fun Intergenerational games to develop off of, but I really don’t play videogames anymore. Maybe when my kids start...but this article talks about some of the commercial developer challenges in game development as new gaming systems like PlayStation 5 are set for release.

Watch out for naps...

Oh noooooo. Napping may be a future indicator of risk for Alzheimer’s. I was really hoping to catch up on naps in retirement. Bummer...

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