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What We're Following Today August 26, 2019

Telemedicine For Seniors

If you haven’t tried telemedicine, it might be one of those technologies that we should all experiment with. I used it this morning after hemming and hawing and found it to be “just what the doctor ordered.” It’s hard to get a last minute appointment with my PCP, and going to a clinic is easy enough, but can still take up an hour or more of your time.

I don’t know where the true cutoff of telemedicine is for the level of complexity on the condition, but for many things we need to see a doctor about, we already know what we’ll need, but just need a doctor to help us get there. I hurt my back this weekend trying to pick up my 19 month old, and I was ready to go to a clinic, but decided to try telecom. After the initial account set up process, I was able to set up a call and was called back within 5 minutes. They said exactly what I thought would be said (it will take time, don’t overdo it, and you would be well served with an anti-inflammatory.

This article talks about telehealth from the perspective of Seniors. There are LOTS of ways this can make our lives better; monitoring services, quicker appointments without needing to leave home, and more. “According to AARP, the telehealth industry will reach $36.2 billion by the year 2020, up from $14.3 billion in 2013. While the industry reported only 350,000 users in 2013, around 7 million people are expected to use some form of telehealth in the year 2018.”

If you are looking for ways to help make life more convenient, you should look into Telehealth. It’s one of the technologies that is worth making the time to learn, even if you are not one to want to adopt new technologies. Imagine the next time you have flu symptoms, that you can get a consultation and perhaps get a prescription from a local pharmacy like Medical Arts Pharmacy in Trumbull who will deliver your medicine to your home free of charge…

Questions to Ask Daycare

Here’s a post from a couple of years ago on that calls out 20 questions to use in your daycare checklist. While a couple of years old, the questions still resonate. If you are someone getting ready to do some daycare shopping, you may want to check to make sure you have these things covered.

As a note, in some cases you may want to know what the state mandates are for things like child to teacher ratio. Most places will be in compliance, but you may also find that some will actually opt for a lower teacher to child ratio in order to provide even more interaction and supervision. And sick child policies are CRITICAL so that working parents or any parents for that matter, can understand whether or not a child can return to school after seeing a doctor and/or how much time a child may need to be fever free in order to return back to class.

The First Crime Committed in Outer Space

Over the weekend, the first space crime may have been committed thanks to a bitter divorce battle between an astronaut and her wife. It is being alleged that decorated NASA astronaut Anne McClain logged into her spouse’s bank accounts while up in space. They are going through a divorce and apparently she is not supposed to do that, but she claims she did it just to make sure the finances were in order to provide care for their child.

It’s interesting territory, but according to interstellar law, astronauts are bound by the rules of law governing their home country. We all have to wait until the facts come out in the case, but it does show that even astronauts deal with real people problems while they are in space. People are people, no matter where we are :)

Recession, Retirement, Regret; Choose the One In the Middle

This post in Forbes from Senior Contributor Rob Isbitts calls out some strategies and advice for those who are 10 years looking towards retirement or those who have recently retired. He mentions how the stock markets have changed in the recent past, and what kinds of things we should be thinking about as rumors of a recession become more prevalent.

In the end, I don’t know whether a recession is on the horizon or not, but wealth draining events do happen. The more informed we are about what is happening with our money, the better. In the end, we all know that there are those who have enough money to capitalize on opportunities when things are not altogether positive. Talk with your advisors and if you don’t have one, consider working with one. There are people out there who can help you better navigate turbulent times so that you either lose less or are positioned to take advantage of an opportunity or two to balance out potential wealth drain.

I am not a financial analyst nor advisor. However, I do believe that when the time comes in our lives to learn about something, we should be willing to do so. If you are at a life stage where a recession could have a lifetime altering effect, you may want to read this and reach out to a qualified professional.

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