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What We’re Following Today August 20, 2020

Parenting in pandemic

There are many concerns that parents have in this pandemic environment. LinkedIn has a good summary of some of these concerns laid out by multiple sources. Ultimately not

Everyone has children, but we all know people who do. Either as peers, managers or supervisors etc. understanding what people are dealing with can help us all get along better in the future.

Balancing child care / child management along with the job is cutting into traditional work hours for many Americans and therefore people are either working less or working different hours to balance that. Imagine what that can to do home life / work life balance.

Mother Daughter Team Up

Sharon Rose’s mother earned a PhD at 77 and now they are business partners. They run a successful program to help people age more comfortably and more successfully focused on real world issues and challenges. We at Generation Bridge can certainly relate.

Additionally, they are now doing Intergenerational activities to help bridge their own gaps in understanding around the generations.

Never too old to learn. Never too old to innovate.

Some Brain Tips / Information

Here’s an article from Sari Harrar in AARP about some things to think about when evaluating risk factors for dementia after 70. There’s some interesting stuff in here and worth a quick read if you’re interested in what dementia can look like / how to prevent longer in life. I like that the pot belly after 70 may not be such a bad thing ;)

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