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What We're Following Today August 15, 2019

Addressing Common Stereotypes of Mature Workers

This nice post in Forbes calls out some of the common misconceptions and stereotypes of mature workers in the workplace. They lay out some common things we should all be aware of AND they call out some interesting ways to battle these myths. Technical adoption, willingness to change, burnout, etc. They are all mentioned in this helpful article about remembering to look at people on individual merit versus the year they were born.

Class-Action Lawsuit Seeks To Let Medicare Patients Appeal Gap in Nursing Home Coverage

This article on Kaiser Health calls out some real issues within the Medicare system. If you are on Medicare this article is worth a read. You really need to sit down with someone as the Medicare environment can be REALLY complicated. There are nuances that can lead to being covered, OR not being covered. It will also empower you to advocate on your behalf, or on that of a loved when if the need arises. If you can make sure your hospital stay is categorized correctly, you might be in a place where your home care can be covered too. Either way, the important thing is to be informed about your coverage and your rights. Take the time, it could save you thousands of dollars in the long run!

Migraine Diagnosis Positively Associated with All Causes of Dementia

While this article in Science Daily calls out that it isn’t a definitive association nor show a causality, there is some evidence to consider the association discovered in this study from the UK.

As with all studies like this, it is important to note that this is preliminary and will likely need more rigorous testing, but if true it could help to identify people earlier as potential at risk individuals for dementia and could mean more regular testing to discover the disease earlier in the process.

Caregiving in Maine - A Worker Shortage and Its Impact

This article in the Washington Post calls out how families all across America and Maine in particular are being hit with “two slow moving demographic forces”, a growing retired population and a decline in young workers to meet their needs.

In the short term, this could significantly impact the quality of life of the individuals who step up to care for their loved ones unpaid, even when a loved one might qualify for paid in-home care. While this stress will be born by individuals and families, if we look at the other element of this story, we can perhaps see a more competitive caregiver market opening up where incomes and hourly wages should be pushed upwards; the big question will be what will still qualify for government assistance and what will ultimately be another high cost drain of wealth for retirees?

Maine has nearly 20% of its population aged 65+. By 2026, 15 other states are expected to reach that threshold too.

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