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What We're Following Today August 12, 2020

Dementia Sufferers, 1/3 Consider Giving Up in COVID Environment

Again, COVID can lead to many other side effects including those of depression and stressed mental health. Nearly half of those polled in this UK survey from the Alzheimer’s Society said their mental health has suffered during the pandemic. Nearly 1,800 people were surveyed comprised of those with dementia and those who care for them.

The sample size is good - I would like to see a comparison against the general population to understand more about how that differs from everyone else in society. But with nearly half saying their mental health suffered we can all agree that the impact of the virus reaches beyond the actual sickness. This article has some GREAT ideas about “coping” for those who are dealing with some of these stresses. Routine, human interaction, tech help all can contribute to a more successful and peaceful caregiving experience.

Dementia As A World Epidemic - 3 New Modifiable Risk Factors

This brief article and video highlight some new research that could identify 3 more modifiable risk factors that contribute to dementia. These three factors are “excessive alcohol consumption, traumatic brain injury, and air pollution.” The original 9 factors identified were, less education, hypertension, hearing impairment, smoking, obesity, depression, physical inactivity, diabetes, and infrequent social contact.

What does this mean? Not that “if” you have one of these factors you “will” develop dementia, but rather that you are more likely to develop it. Therefore, what can you do to minimize the risks and still enjoy your life?

Tips for Keeping Kids Safe When Going Back to School

Here’s a link to a video from Dr. Teresa Frankovich talking through some tips on staying safe when heading back to school among other things like nursing home guidelines and protocols. It’s a good question and answer press conference with a local official who outlines how her community is addressing COVID concerns. It’s helpful for many of us as we look to navigate some of the new things we need to consider as our country opens up more.

Parents should emphasize the importance of facial coverings, hand-washing/sanitizing and distancing, Frankovich says. “I also think that parents need to be really active at monitoring their children for signs and symptoms of infection so that we are not sending children to school when they’re ill,” she adds. And families should keep their activities limited to their own households. 

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