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What We’re Following Today April 8, 2020

Getting closer to the birth of my third child I am trying to get some things in order. But I am also looking for some fun distractions while prepping and living in the Covid-19 world.

Here’s some interesting intergenerational links to things that might bring some smiles to your face or a loved ones face as memories may come back with these lists.

Catch Phrases from TV:

Funniest Jokes:

Top Joke by Decade in Bestlife-jokes can give an interesting perspective to a given time in history:

Some Comedians Share Their Favorite Jokes:

100 Funny Jokes by 100 Comedians (its a slide show format):


Short Video On Major Historical Moments Over 100 Years.

Pop Culture Icons of 20th Century.

Hope you have a good time with some of these lists.

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