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What We're Following Today April 7, 2020

What We’re Following Today April 7, 2020

Matthew McConaughey Plays Virtual Bingo with Nursing Home Residents

It’s a great story of someone giving of their time in order to bring some humor and humanness in a time of anxiety. Matthew McConaughey called bingo for seniors on a Zoom online conference and it seemed to be well received. I am sure many other organizations are doing things like this to keep people engaged when visitation might be limited.

If you’re feeling a little lonely, look out for programming like this! It may not take the place of human to human contact, but it might just help weather the storm while we wait to get together again!

This Is What Leadership CAN Look Like

Texas Roadhouse CEO Kent Taylor has agreed to forego his salary AND bonus over the rest of the year in an effort to preserve some cash to protect the jobs of his frontline employees who are helping to keep the US fed in a time of social distancing. Sure, there is some marketing benefit from this, but there should be. Shared sacrifice is one of the pivotal aspects of a leader that inspire those who work for them.

In addition to this, they will be withholding dividends this year in order to preserve cash for what could be a grim economic recovery when social distancing restrictions ease across the country and internationally. Hopefully the positive press and reaction to this act will inspire more leaders to dig deep and share in the sacrifice being made by so many. Read more about it below.

Creamy Cow Milk Soap???

A friend recently posted this on social media - its a company in Connecticut making soap with cow’s milk. As a novelty item, the prices aren’t bad. I don’t know what shipping would cost, but they have things like whipped merengue milk soap and an adorably Bunny’s Butt soap. Those who know my humor know that if you mention Butt, poop or fart, I will laugh…so I thought with all the other news out there, today was worth sharing something on the lighter side - oh and it would help support some local CT business and farmers.

If you are reading this from outside of CT, there are likely countless places like this in your neighborhoods - look them up. If you find things you like and buy them, you might very well be supporting your neighbor through a tough time and they may very well support you through your tough times when you need it - Connections and Relationships drive the best in us!!!

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