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What We're Following Today April 3, 2020

Social distancing and self isolation can be even more stressful for some versus others. If you have friends who may be going through these or other kinds of stresses, consider reaching out and be someone they might be able to lean on…

Divorcing Couples:

Imagine that you are essentially locked in with someone who you are ready to split with or are in process splitting with? It could be tortuous - or recuperative. Here’s an interesting take from a contributor on

Grief / Grieving When We Can’t Connect With Others

Here’s an interesting article in The Verge dealing with how Covid-19 has wreaked some havoc on grief networks, etc. It’s not the same as being able to hug someone you love, or to take someone out to dinner or get them out of the house to help move on after some traumatic event, but we have to find ways to support those who we love and those who we care about when they need it.

In a social distancing world, we find ourselves not being able to grieve in ways we would normally. For example, wakes and funerals are put on hold or simply done without a gathering. For some, they need to be able to come together to grieve and begin the recovery process. If you know someone who has been suffering with a recent loss or traumatic event, consider doubling your efforts to make sure they know you are there for them if needed.

This article delves into some interesting details that one should know about grieving in isolation or supporting those who are grieving in isolation.

NAMI Information Guide During Covid-19

Mental illness and addiction tap into various methods of treatment including group therapy and more. As people deal with their issues in a more isolated environment, NAMI (The National Alliance of Mental Illness) developed this resource guide. Consider looking through it for yourself if you are dealing with issues and not able to follow your traditional therapies OR if you know someone who deals with mental illness or addiction. They have some great information in the guide about arranging a good support system and have links to valuable resources including online support groups and more.

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