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What We’re Following Today April 28, 2020

An Inspirational Young Man

Matthew Ode reached out to me as a potential speaker for our Generation Bridge events and I really enjoyed our conversation. He talks about his battle with cancer that left him a shell of the man he was but also how his faith, support from others, and dedication to living a healthy and active life all contributed to his victory. He’s healthy today and sharing his story to help others as they face seemingly insurmountable challenges in health of spirit.

I thought I would share a couple of the podcasts where his story is highlighted:

Reel Driven:

Scottish Lockdown Easement Might Be Ageist?

The Covid situation is new and navigating it is unprecedented. No one has the “right” answers. Every situation is unique as it deals with so many of the dynamics that make up our complicated lives.

This opinion piece in the The Herald of Scotland by Marianne Taylor addresses the potential for an age restriction on letting people out of isolation. I happen to agree with her. I think we will all act differently now and we have to trust that people will do what is responsible for themselves. I know that’s trusting A LOT, but in the end, it sounds like Scotland is placing an age line - 70+ to remain in “more” isolation than others. People who are 70+ reflect a myriad of health levels and they are certainly not a homogenous population. Neither is any person or community.

In the end, I think we have done a lot to slow the spread to allow health pros to catch up a bit. There are areas where the disease is more problematic than others and those factors need to be considered as well...again there is no “right” answer. But defining restrictions on arbitrarily selected terms rather than leaving things up to individual choice and responsibility opens the door to too many logistical and legal factors. For example - who defines essential versus non-essential? What makes Michaels less essential than Best Buy? What makes a small retailer (bookstore) less essential than a Wal-Mart?

I don’t have the answers either. I am not a health expert nor economist. But I’m a resident and someone who values the right to choose. I believe there are times when we do need to take drastic steps as a society to protect against threats and dangers, but I also believe that those changes cannot indeterminately impede on our rights...arbitrary lines and ever changing rules and regulations with no “clear” end are also unhelpful for the psyche and morale of a community...there are pros and cons to every situation...

What To Consider When A Spouse Is Frustrated While Working From Home in Quarantine

This is an interesting “ask zzzzz” article. The person writing in asked what to do to try and reduce the anger/stress exhibited by her spouse while venting frustration about working from home in quarantine. It’s a worthy question as many of us yearn for days where we could go and grab a coffee with someone to have a meaningful conversation.

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