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What We’re Following Today April 24, 2020

What Job Seekers Should Be Considering Today

LinkedIn editors compiled some posts and answers to questions about what job seekers should be doing today in a coronavirus hiring environment.

There are a lot of good ideas and good common sense. Even if we feel we have great common sense, it’s good to get a reminder from time to time to balance what we say with what we do. In here, having a plan and maintaining your network and relationships are two examples of ways to keep the feelers out there and be ready when an opportunity arises. PLUS I think we should consider what this means from the other side - are we keeping our eyes open for opportunities for others in our networks? If not, it would be good to consider looking at your network and seeing if you can help anyone just in case they might need it...

Do You Know About

My mom and her siblings have a text chain that I am fortunate to be on. They have made some pretty cool discoveries that can help with the education of my girls while we’re in lockdown at home. One is

Our family is pretty enthusiastic about birds. I have a cousin who got her PhD based on a thesis about piping plovers and their reactions to changing habitats. I am not planning a PhD or anything but I do enjoy watching and listening to birds. My uncle shared some live cams that are fun to watch and check in on from time to time to watch the fledglings grow, see what dinner time is like in the next, etc. if you like birds and other content, there is a lot to explore on Coronavirus Hub for Caregivers

Here’s a link to’s coronavirus hub where they have helpful tools and resources for caregivers that they update as situations and information change. Caring for someone in this time has so many unique challenges - reach out to people in your communities to learn quicker and find people who can relate to your challenges.

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