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What We’re Following Today April 23,2020

5 Things to Do With Your Stimulus Check

Here’s a post on the Motley Fool about 5 things to do with your stimulus check if you don’t need to use the money for food / rent / other survival.

Gronkowski Joins Brady st Bucs

According to this Louisiana local Fox News Rob Gronkowski is ending his short retirement to return to playing with Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers...never to late to come out of retirement :)

What To Consider When Hiring a Dementia Caregiver

This article lays out some helpful things to consider when hiring an in home dementia caregiver. With many forms of dementia, the disease can progress to a point where treatment can’t be managed by someone at home on their own. When that happens you need to consider options for help. This page has some useful tips but also you can find resources at the Alzheimer’s Association, AARP and other sites where caregiver information is easily available.

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