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What We're Following Today April 21, 2020

Divorces Expected To Increase in CA After Covid

It’s hard to say that the number of divorces will be “higher” overall as we may see a spike, but one might make the assumption that those pushed over the edge were already contemplating divorce and therefore may just be a zero sum game. But one thing is likely the case, that there have been less options for people going through marital problems to seek the help they may have needed to try and salvage the marriage. Virtual solutions often don’t have the same impact of buddies meeting out in a restaurant, sisters coming together to talk about issues, and parents who we go to when we need private advice.

It’s hard to say, but it is important to note that all actions come with reactions. There is a toll to lockdown that affects the health of others. But at the same time, the actions we are taking in isolation is to preserve life and limit the onslaught of hospitalizations that could come if we just let the virus run its course. While we cherish parental advice in moments of desperation, death separates us from that advice for today and the future.

Our leaders need to consider ALL factors and then make decisions based on those factors. No decision they make will be “acceptable” to all. I don’t envy their positions, but our responsibilities lie in making our opinions known, listening to arguments from opposing points of view and then making our own decisions to try to satisfy as many people as we can. Freedom gives us that choice - to regulate our own hearts and do the best we can for our families, our societies and our spirits.

What Are You Doing For Your Health in Lockdown?

Linda Gottlieb, a contact I have made through Generation Bridge and who will be participating in our Active Adult Health and Wellness Expo in September sent a simple email out to her mailing list today. In it was a Great Question: “Little straw poll- asking are you staying fit during this Covid stay at home?”

I answered that I was manually splitting lumber from trees that I had to have taken down a little over a week ago. It’s an exercise that is productive, works me out in my muscles and helps with my cardio, and immensely satisfying as I see my wood pile get bigger and bigger.

What was great is that I responded to her email and she wrote back something very profound...she said it was a great project and great for me (yay pat on the back) but she also gave me a nugget of insight that I will follow. She said, since I’m splitting ash, I should save a piece or two and craft something from it in a way to remember this crazy time when talking through it in the future with my daughters and son. What a great idea and we can ask ourselves that very question...what are we doing to remember a time of emotional stress that brought out positives and negatives abound? What is your work doing? Your church doing? Your family doing? Your (insert here) doing?

Thanks Linda!

Her info below - sign up for her newsletter if you are interested in fitness and good living later in life (or at any time)

Linda Gottlieb

Fit Training

Get Fit @ Home/Virtual

More than 30 Years Experience


How Can We Flatten the Elder Loneliness Curve?

Loneliness is already a problem in an elder community who often gets separated from family and/or friends as we age. Here’s an interesting perspective from bloggers Mark Freedman and John Gomberts. They use the common phraseology that we use today to deal with the Coronavirus “curve” but apply it to the growing loneliness curve that happens as we live longer.

They note stats like 43% of those over 65 feel lonely at times and AARP equates loneliness to about $7billion in Medicare costs. They address Covid but ask a lot of other important questions. It’s worth a look as we look at building more Intergenerational relationships in our communities to help combat isolation and loneliness in our elders AND across all generations.

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