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What We’re Following Today April 17, 2020

What Tech Make for A Great Home Based Office

This guide in has some really helpful ideas on the kinds of tech and home office basics that can help make working from home as comfortable / productive as possible. Sure much of this may be overkill for temporary situations but freelancers, home based businesses and other companies should consider the kinds of investments that could be needed for today’s home based offices.

From a good laptop to video conferencing supplies (like higher quality video camera or microphones) will help to do work faster and look/sound more out together on today’s video conference calls. Some of this is overkill for someone who may prefer the work office environment, but these suggestions do get the brain thinking about what we could all do or at least prioritize what to invest in for today and in the future.

Your Library Is A Great Resource For Information Even if Shuddered

I got a great email from our local library (Edith Wheeler) in Monroe, CT yesterday. It was emotional with a subject line “we miss you” and then practical with reminders about the digital access we have to materials and content to help us get through some of this isolation we are all starting to feel.

They reminded us that we have access to Libby, RB Digital and Hoopla; all valuable services where our library membership allows us free access to thousands of books, publications and other digital video/audio products. These are all helpful as we start to add “streaming” products to our home libraries that can cost us money we’re all trying to conserve at the moment.

Also they provided us with links to 4 streaming content providers that can help people ideate about things they could do at home if boredom starts to set in. I’m looking forward to finding some ideas for craft projects on Creative Bug. There is a monthly subscription to it for their premium content, but there is free information there as well. They also promoted a couple of apps that are used for learning a new language, financial literacy and finding the right “next” book for if you’re not on your library’s email list, sign up!

So don’t forget, even if your library is closed during the Covid crisis, they are still there to help you by putting you in touch with GREAT books and materials to keep you entertained AND to keep some money in your wallet!

Bridgewater, MA Elder Affairs Offers Virtual Resources for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

This link shows resources for families in MA but there are likely many resources like these present in your own community. Take a look at all the support and virtual events being offered to help people going through some of the toughest times we’ve experienced where caregivers are not able to “get out” and connect with others who are dealing with the emotional stresses associated with caring for someone with Alzheimer’s.

Even if some of these aren’t available in your community you might be inspired to ask for one of these services to be made available or even start one up yourself.

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