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What We're Following Today April 13, 2020

Freelance Economy - A Helpful Guide on Being a Freelancer

Emma Taub read through some of our posts and sent me a helpful page written by Bethenny Carl that illustrates some of the positives / negatives / best practices and more for people who may be considering freelance opportunities. It’s a good read and worth looking through in today’s environment especially.

Many skilled people are out of work or struggling to manage a family and work as daycares and schools are shuddered in the Coronavirus world we live in today. Thanks Emma for sending this over.

Change Management - Stress in Changing Times

I got this message today from ATD the Association for Talent Development and I had to share it. Recently my wife were in the Hospital to deliver our third child (little Jacob on April 9). We saw the daily changes happening at the hospital in order to prepare for increased demand of hospital services and to help protect the staff working there from Covid. Change is tough even in normal situations, but daily it feels like the rules of engagement are changing and this can create a LOT of stress in dealing with changing work, family and societal norms. This article in ATD is a good illustration of why change management is important and what organizations and businesses need to think about to help deal with the stress as an organization and for its employees.

Sharing Expenses and Responsibilities To Shelter In Place

This article in the NY Times talks about how some families are working together to support each other with the growing responsibilities of working their day job and taking care of their kids who are out of daycare or school. Hard to say whether or not some of these trends may continue or not, but there may be some new ways that we can emulate the old proverb “it takes a village”. If some families agree to live by a certain set of restrictions may very well be able to add some semblance of normal socialization back into their lives, but at the same time, we should all be ready to call out where this kind of situation may be a possibility for some, but there are many who are single parents, lower income, etc. who won’t have these same abilities. They may be furloughed or laid off, and bills can be mounting while still having to take care of their child(children), etc.

Be on the lookout where you might be able to help where it’s needed.

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