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What We’re Following Today April 10, 2020

So God blesses us daily but from time to time he sees fit to provide us with moments of unadulterated joy in the midst of chaos and turmoil. Yesterday my family welcomed our son Jacob Luke Sherwood to our little clan. He came in like a lion after just 4 minutes of pushing by my amazing wife.

After dealing with contractions that started Wednesday in the twilight hours, he finally decided to get everyone in motion at 1:00 am on Thursday. Off to the hospital we went and he arrived at 6:04 am. Mommy and baby are doing well, and we are thankful to have so many people who care and pray for us. In the middle of turmoil and stress, life consistently pops up to remind us that what we focus on today, isn’t always the big picture. It’s hard to maintain perspective when there is chaos all around, and we often forget to see what else is happening when we focus so much on one thing. Babies are being born in the middle of conversations dedicated to death, calamity and misery. Somewhere, a child made a parent very proud today and an elder taught a younger person a very valuable life’s lesson. “Life” isn’t only in the moment...we can’t see the meaning and purpose of events that push us to adapt and change.

In the middle of a changing healthcare environment our healthcare pros have developed ways to provide guidance and calm to those like us coming to the hospital in a state of higher anxiety [than normal]. Those working in the maternity ward and delivery rooms helped make sure we understood that everything was still largely the same today as in the past but with some differences and new precautions - everyone had on their masks all the time and my wife needed a Covid test to make sure she wasn’t carrying the disease before being admitted to the maternity ward. They kept our anxiety levels low and helped us concentrate on the joy of bringing our baby boy into the world:). But they are also learning amazing life lessons to help them be more resilient and capable healthcare pros in the future-learning through direct experience under stress because of an ever-evolving environment.

We are looking forward to this little guy meeting his sisters and to our new family dynamic. God willing, our family will provide us with a long lifetime full of experiences that will dwarf this brief moment of uncertainty caused by pandemic.

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