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What We're Following on July 11, 2019

First Time Home Buyers - Here’s Some Costs You Need To Know About

Are you buying a home, especially if it is your first home? There is a lot of emotion in the purchase, so much so that it can make us blind to some of the added / hidden costs that can be associated with the process. Here’s an article that talks a little about the costs associated with a home purchase at the time of purchase, but you should also be aware of the costs associated with maintenance when going into the inspection stage. This article sets expectations of an average of 1-4% of your home price per year.

Why is Your Health Important as a Caregiver?

This article on Reuters talks about the possible connection between higher frequency of ER visits by dementia patients when caregivers suffer from depression. The sample may not be large enough to make broad conclusions at the moment with n=663 dementia patients of whom roughly 13% or 84 caregivers suffered from depression. The things that can come from more frequent visits to the ER indicate a few things besides just mental health, it increases costs of healthcare, stress on the caregiver and dementia patient, etc. This likely needs to be studied more acutely before making specific correlations between conditions and behaviors, but it’s worth reviewing even if only to remember that as a caregiver, you need to know that your health (mental and physical) need to be priorities in your life.

Events To Help People Answer Questions on Aging and Related Housing Needs

A news story from a TV station in Minnesota talks about some of the housing needs of an aging American population. 1 in 3 Americans are 50+ years of age and the majority want to age in place. Tonight there is an event hosted by AARP Minnesota and the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging to discuss strategies to help make that possible. We’ll be hosting a panel on the topic of what living situation is right for “you” as you age and enter different stages within the aging process at our Caregiver and Aging Conference on September 28 at Southern Connecticut State University. Many people have the same questions you do, so look around, you may find local events / groups that allow you to explore your own needs.

Low Unemployment Stresses Access to Quality Workforce

One of the challenges of a stronger economy with low unemployment is the competition for qualified employees. Companies need to create new incentives or pay more, etc. in order to attract the quality workers to fill open positions. One note in this editorial in the Akron Legal News talks about by Jazmyn Stover notes something that stood out to me, the potential competition that is heating up on blue collar jobs. If the economy continues to be hot, then companies will need to increase wages, provide new benefits, etc. in order to get the better workers out there. In this editorial the author talks about some of the opportunities and deficiencies out there - these translate into opportunities for individual career pivots, etc.

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