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What We're Following: May 29, 2019

Updated: May 30, 2019

What we’re Following Today, May 29, 2019

Better Eating to Avoid Chronic Ailments like Diabetes

This article is a healthy reminder of many things we know intellectually but still ignore. My wife and I are trying out a lower sugar diet this week and will hopefully continue on it for a lifetime of healthier eating, but it is good to see reminders like this that help maintain motivation to avoid diabetes.

Taking Control of Your Future Care Can Lessen Strife Between Family Members; Most of the Time

Taking control of your estate wishes and future care with all stakeholders involved can be a way to help minimize future strife, but it’s not a guarantee. Here is a story from Ottawa that discusses a family’s nightmare situation where financial control drove a wedge between family members. While things were fairly well set up from the beginning, there were some underhanded things that could forever interfere with interfamily relations. Another note in this article that is important to call out; Elder abuse is not just physical, but can involve many more things including the abuse of financial powers, etc.

Intergenerational Workplace Advice

While we don’t like generational labeling as a mindset, it can help when searching for relevant news articles. As we see a workplace dynamic change through aging (at one point we may have been the young end of the workplace spectrum, or if we are entering a place that has an older workforce), there are some ways to help interact more cohesively. One key element is ALWAYS be willing to learn and adapt. The day we stop adapting is the day we start to become obsolete. This article has some nice, succinct ways that people can adapt to an intergenerational workplace.

Social Security Strategies When Retiring

There are many things people might want to consider as they get to retirement age when it comes to taking your social security benefits. This is a nice article that summarizes some of the things people need to think about when thinking about Social Security income (when to take them, widow / widower strategies, divorce, etc.).

10 Tips to Raising Happier Kids

The format of the article may not be the easiest to process, but there are lots of good tidbits in here. One thing to note, if you want your kids to be happy, you need to be happy yourself. It also sounded like getting involved in giving your time and expressing empathy helps to transform the personality in positive relationship building ways (and more). If interested, take some time to digest it. Likely those you know (or you yourself) are doing these already, but seeing them in a different context might trigger some new ideas.

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