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What We're Following June 28, 2019

US Women’s National Team at 3:00 pm EST against France

Real Life Story of How to Have Financial Conversations with Loved Ones

A nice story with real life examples about some strategies that worked for having real parent to parent conversations on financial stress, etc. There are some nice strategies about bringing in the whole family (including younger children) into the financial discussions. Note: you may have to answer a couple of survey questions to access the St. Louis Dispatch article - its annoying, but I just answered none of the above for all of them - why are companies blocking access to their content - I get this is a form of monetization, but if I game the system, how is that valuable to the company paying for the ad?

Some Effective Ways to Teach Children the Importance of Financial Aptitude

One in four children under 18 say their parents have not discussed financial information with them. Explain where $ comes from, then explain how we use it - Giving, Saving and Spending. Thoughts and best practices for allowances, and more. This article from NBC News has a lot of good advice.

If You Haven’t, Listen to the AARP Fraud Watch Podcast “Perfect Scam”

This podcast is not just for the AARP constituents. I’ve been binging on it lately and they go through detailed and helpful examples of people getting scammed, etc. Hearing this information is really helpful to understand more about the mindset of the criminals looking to take money from you - know how they manipulate so you can defend yourself better in the future. It’s GREAT content and in a short enough format to make it easy to listen to. Think you don’t know how to listen to a podcast? Click the link below and scroll down the page to find the podcasts you might like .

Who Doesn’t Want to Be More Like Betty White?

She’s 97 Years Old - Yes, 97 Years Old! In an article in Closer, she talks more about her life, and her outlook on life. Gratitude and indulgence in passions are certainly part of it.

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