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What We're Following June 26, 2019

Alzheimer’s Things Not Often Mentioned by Doctors

Getting a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s can be scary and stressful, but while it is serious, there are some things you can do to adjust your life to remain healthy emotionally AND physically for as long as possible.

Where Does the US Rank for Retirement Lifestyle?

Currently the US moved up to #16 from #17 in the most recent Natixis Global Retirement Index. Switzerland and Nordic countries lead the way, but the US takes hits on categories like Finances and Material Well Being. Here’s Investopedia’s take.

A Good Look At Popular Brands By Generational Breaks

Here’s a look at some of the top brands by different generational breaks. Amazon cracks everyone’s top 10 lists. But there are some cool differences and similarities, etc.

An Article from Wired 1997 - Things That Unite Us

I was still in college in 1997, and I would ask, how different would this be for someone in college today? Perhaps we could wonder whether or not censorship in today’s day and age are coming back to the forefront when it was seen as potentially impossible in 97 given the nascent nature of the Internet and communities. But many of the same concepts still reign true today. The next time we say, “these young’s”, perhaps we should remember back to when we were younger to see they aren’t really that different than us, and VICE VERSA ;)

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