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What We're Following June 24, 2019

The Future Look of Families

An interesting look at how the family unit could evolve in the next 50 years. Here’s a look at some ideas that could spark conversation in your own family - cryogenics? Virtual families? Increase in multi-generational households, etc.

Transportation Options for Seniors

When aging at home, transportation can be a big challenge. There are lots of resources to use when the need for rides to healthcare appointments, shopping, etc. are needed. Use your local senior centers, or agencies on aging to find out what is available locally, but here’s a good article to help understand some of the options out there which can help you regain some independence when rides are needed.

Top 10 Social Issues Facing Teenagers

Here’s a look at some of the very real pressures and issues facing teens today. From standard teen challenges we have all faced to the new technologies which have allowed us many positives but also many challenges. The rapid change often makes it hard for us to foresee what the negative impacts will be and then how to address them.

Some Good Sites for New Parents

If you are a new parent, these sites may have some good information for you. While we believe in the power of human connection at the local level, getting more opinions and points of view are always valuable. Remember, you are not alone in the things you are dealing with and here are some helpful sites to help you navigate some of your challenges and connect with others who have been through what you are going through.

Some Regrets that Retirees Share

US News Contributor Rachel Hartman talked with some boomers earlier this year to discuss some retiree regrets. I like articles like this because they show actual life learning based on real experiences. It’s not future looking which is often uncertain. Looking backward allows us to share perspective with those who are still on the path.

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