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What We're Following June 11, 2019

What We’re Following Today, June 11, 2019

STEM Summer Camps Are Increasing in Popularity – Here’s a List of 100 in the US.

I have been getting STEM Camp ads in my social media feed and I looked it up a bit more. I think the idea of summer educational camps is a great idea and would encourage many people to look into sending kids to these kinds of camps (either STEM or other niche passion interest like art or something else). One thing to consider though is how to make these more accessible to kids from ALL walks of life?

The Health Pro’s and Con’s of Being an Older Dad

So one of the things I think about as I got older was what being the older dad means. Sometimes I think about the 58 - 60 year old me at my daughters’ High School Graduations. This NBC News article talks a bit about the physical constraints that come into play along with being a father later in life. One nice thing – older dads and their offspring may live longer (likely all kinds of factors environmental and biological influence this). There are some good bits of information in here when weighing whether or not to become an older dad / parent in general.

Caregiver or a Mom?

Many times when we think “caregiver” we think about taking care of our elder family members, but we can’t forget those who take care of children (in general) or especially those who take care of children with special needs and conditions. This article talks about one mom’s decision to be considered as “mom” versus caregiver. She talks about her child’s growth as a kid who had (pulmonary hypertension) and the stages of care involved as that child ages [transplants, etc.].

Tips and Ideas for Intergenerational Cooperation and Interaction in Companies

Forbes called out some good ideas and actual instances of corporate policies to impact the intergenerational dynamics in the workforce. They call out well known ideas about recognizing the strengths of EACH generation and creating programs (like reverse mentoring) that create more harmony AND drive productivity at work.

A Call For Reform on Medicare Part D

Some are asking for a limit on the personal responsibilities on prescription drug polices under Medicare Part D. If you aren’t currently on Medicare, this is a good look at some of the things you’ll need to start thinking about when/if Medicare becomes an option for you, and if you are already on Medicare, there are groups out there who are advocating for change to limit financial liabilities – something that I think we can all agree make sense when so many are on strict fixed incomes.

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