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What We're Following July 29, 2019

Medications Can Create False Positives for Dementia Diagnosis 

In this article in the Washington Post, there’s a new look into medications that might be used to treat things like leaky bladders, Parkinson’s and more. These medications can block the production of an important chemical messenger in the brain [acetylcholine]. As a result, it can lead to a false positive on a Dementia diagnosis. 

If you’re seeing signs of memory decline in yourself or a loved one, consult with your pharmacist and physician / specialist to make sure there isn’t something going on with the medications being taken.   Read below for the article. 

Financial Accounts for Young Savers in Wales

Financial IQ is one of the biggest challenges we all face in life and Principality Building Society in Wales has created a kid friendly savings product that helps kids get on the right path early. 

They have kid friendly education packages and incentives for saving, etc that help to give kids an exposure to the importance of saving. Are there any institutions that you know of that offer these kinds of products here in the US? 

Quilts As A Way To Preserve A Family’s Story / Special Moments

A friend at church this weekend shared some pictures she took while touring some quilts on display at the Sacred Threads event this past week. She took a photo of a quilt that had sewn in a design of the young girl playing in the daisies. She thought of us because of our daughter “Daisy.” At any rate, the quilt was gorgeous and could clearly become an heirloom for the family. It’s a beautiful art form and if you have a chance to go to an exhibition of handmade quilts, you should check them out because they aren’t just meant to keep you warm in the winter, they are also ways for people to pass along important messages across generations. On their site, you can go to the gallery and see many examples of quilts on display over the years.

Some Good Estate Planning Tips

Often we don’t want to address the grim topic of death and we can avoid putting in the time to create an estate plan. It’s important to note that estate planning isn’t just about “death” but it’s also about protecting those who you love who continue living. It also means that you take control over important decisions like custody of children, distribution of assets, and more. In this article in the New Hampshire paper Union Leader, you can find some of the basics you should know about estate planning. Also, important to note, you should consult with an attorney licensed in your state since so many things can change from state to state.

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