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What We're Following July 26, 2019

Technology As a Tool For Caregivers

This is a wonderful article that illustrates misconceptions, myths and opportunities around aging and technology. Just because someone is older doesn’t mean they are technologically inept. My uncle is still writing code and trying to break software as a consultant past 70 years old, and our elder population is already extremely connected. But indeed some people may need help navigating what is right for their needs and how to stay on top of updates etc. But the fact of the matter is that caregivers will be in high demand over the next decade and we may have a labor shortage for the profession. Technology will need to adapt to help elders and those in caregiver roles to maintain independence longer / make the art of caregiving easier. Please read this article - if you are in school, in business, etc., you should see the great opportunity that comes with an aging population.

How To Help Your Kids In Math

I look forward to helping my kids with math because despite liking it, I used to say I wasn’t a math person - meanwhile I ended up in it professionally. Tomorrow’s jobs are largely going to deal with data, math and more. So I want my girls to enjoy math like I didn’t until I got older. I found this video with Raj Shah, PHD.

  • Hide Your Anxiety

  • Try to Let Your Expectations Go (Think About Your Tutoring As If They Were Someone Else’s Child)

  • Your Role Is NOT Teacher - It’s Support

  • You Do Have To Practice and Try to Use Real World Items to Help Learn

  • Meaningful Feedback

Special Needs Child Advocacy

Here’s a nice post from about advocating for your special needs child. There are 10 tips in this blog from Amanda Morin who is a classroom teacher but one of the themes I took away was the importance of interaction and involvement. Sometimes we don’t know what our place is since we’re not the “experts” etc. and the idea of being involved can be scary, but the old expression, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” is true here. If you don’t ask for the services / considerations, no one will and your child may be the lesser for it. The interesting thing here is that many of these same tips should be applied to your general healthcare treatment for yourself or other dependents. Worth a quick read, even as just a reminder about your power in the process.

Not Satisfied With Your Career - Here’s a Framework on Career Innovation

Many people fall into a rut when thinking about their careers. Perhaps they lost the passion or perhaps they got accustomed to the safety of a paycheck, but don’t see much room for movement, etc. Regardless of the reasons, as we age longer we should be more prepared for different career pivots; some with higher earning potential and others with less, but nonetheless, it’s something to stay on top of. This blog post doesn’t talk too much about education, but I believe with the tech out there like YouTube and Learning Platforms, we don’t really have an excuse to not be in a perpetual mode of learning, BUT when considering a career invention, this post has some good ideas on how to frame and inform it. One thing important in here is that switching professions doesn’t mean taking on a vow of poverty…

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