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What We're Following July 12, 2019

Today's more of a video roll.

What Can 83,000 Brain Scans Tell Us

A TED Talk on the most important thing that Daniel Amen learned from analyzing 83,000 images. He called out that the single most important thing is knowing that you can “change” a brain which can lead to so many possibilities for rehabilitation, liberty and more.

Caregiver Training: Home Safety. UCLA Alzheimer’s and Dementia Program

A somewhat disturbing scene for the actor’s showing a confrontation between a caregiver and father with dementia, but they UCLA Alzheimer’s and Dementia program offers a few suggestions on home modifications to make a home safer for someone with dementia and perhaps reduce awkward or anger filled confrontations.

5 Money Saving Tips for Seniors in Retirement

This YouTube video talks about 5 ways to save some money can be particularly important when living on a fixed income like Social Security. Prescriptions, home gardening, etc. are mentioned in this video.

3 Breakfasts Your Kids Can Cook

I’m getting ready to start doing more cooking with my daughters in the next year or so so getting recipes that they can do with me and eventually on their own will be great to try.

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